TR9781 Freightliner Air Spring (Replaces 8536)

TR9781 Freightliner Air Spring (Replaces 8536) TR9781

Air Spring Type Reversible Air Spring
Top Plate Diameter 9.00
Piston Diameter 10.62
Bellows Diameter 10.62
Piston Height 6.91
Piston Material Aluminum
Max Extended Height 23.00
Minimum Compressed Height 8.75
Air Inlet Type Male
Air Inlet Height 1.35
Top Plate Mounting Type Air Inlet and Stud
Stud Quantity on Top Plate 1
Top Plate Stud Height 1.35
Distance between Top Plate Stud and Air Inlet 6.22
Piston Mounting Type Stud
Piston Stud Quantity 1
Has Inner Bumper No
Bellows Number 1T15XBZR7.5

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Air Spring for Freightliner Trucks
Freightliner:  681-320-0017, A16-14004-000, A16-17574-001, A16-17574-002, A16-17574-001 and A16-17574-002, 16-16773-000, 16-13840-000 
Firestone:  W01-358-9781, W01-377-8537, W01-377-8536
Goodyear:  1R12-603
Contitech:  910S-16A382, 9 lOS-16 A 382 
Triangle: 8382
Alliance: ABP N32 019781
Extended Height:  23.00"
Compressed Height:  8.75"
Top Plate Width:  9.00"
Piston Width:  10.62"
Weight:  15.00 lbs