Air Spring Type


Piston Height

Max Extended Height

Bottom Air Inlet Thread Size

Minimum Compressed Height

Air Inlet Height

Air Inlet Qauntity

Distance Between Air Inlets

Top Plate Threaded Hole Quantity

Distance Between Top Plate Threaded Holes

Stud Quantity on Top Plate

Top Plate Stud Height

Distance between Top Plate Stud and Air Inlet

Distance Between Top Plate Studs

Top Plate Mounting Diameter

Distance Between Bracket Mounting and Air Inlet

Piston Stud Quantity

Piston Threaded Hole Quantity

Distance Between Piston Threaded Holes

Distance Between Bottom Base Studs

Bottom Piston Mounting Diameter

Has Inner Bumper

Convoluted Air Spring Type

Air Inlet Type

Top Plate Diameter

Top Plate Mounting Type

Piston Mounting Type

Piston Material

Bellows Diameter

Piston Diameter

Bellows Number